Forwarding and transport software ssTransport

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forwarding and transport software

You are a freight forwarder...

ssTransport is specialized software which covers all the activities of a typical company in your industry. It is designed to meet the specific needs of your business. You can organise and control processes easily and conveniently, save time, increase efficiency and boost your success.

Специализиран софтуер за малки и средни транспортни фирми

Your job involves...

preparing clear and practical transport orders in the shortest possible time? ssTransport allows you to do that quickly and easily. Because…

You will have a list of saved addresses; You can copy data from an old order; You can calculate the profit of each run (creating references by date, shipper, carrier); You can issue invoices to your customers; You can use the “Receivables” and “Payables” report options and many other useful functions.


Accept orders from customers

Execute information from approved orders at any moment.

Initiate orders in seconds

Initiate orders in seconds Issue, send orders and copy orders with a single click

Issue invoices

Automatic data transfer from order to invoice Generate invoices automatically without entering additional data. Data will be automatically transferred from the order.

Keep track of invoices issued to you

Access to complete information at any time about incoming invoices so you can track their processing stages.

Track receivables and payables

You can generate several types of reports to provide a complete picture of unpaid or late payments.

Generate quick reports by selecting different criteria

You will have an archive of runs and can generate the selected report at any time (by vehicle, customer, date, etc.).

You have a database with contractors

No need to enter the details of your customers or suppliers more than once

Store all the addresses you need

Save time and effort by not having to repeatedly enter all details.

Analyse profit

You can calculate profit per run for each vehicle or the overall profit of your forwarding activity.

Export data

You can easily export all data to Excel, PDF, CSV. You can also export your invoices to your accounting software.

Upgrade and Expand

Every company has its own style of operation. For this reason, the features of ssTransport can be expanded and adapted. We’re ready to optimize, build additional modules and do whatever it takes to solve your specific problems. Our goal is to provide you with a useful product that satisfies your needs.