Forwarding and transport software ssTransport


forwarding and transport software

Web-based and fully accessible from anywhere

Уеб базиран и достъпен от всяка точка

Tailored for small and medium-sized transport companies

• If you wish to bring order to chaos;
• If you have failed to follow up unpaid invoices;
• If issuing orders and invoices takes up too much of your time;
• If you routinely transfer information from table to table.

ssTransport is the right solution for you. Without being overly complicated, it will cover your entire business. From taking customers’ orders, through allocating shipments to vehicles or carriers, to payments and analysis of activities.

Why choose ssTransport

Web-based – accessible from both your office and home. You can even use it while out and about via your phone;

Easy to use – ssTransport follows the logic of processes and is perfectly intuitive. It’s easy to navigate and all you have to do is show it to your staff. There will be no additional training costs;

Affordable price – you only pay a monthly subscription. You save on costs such as product purchases and implementation, servers, computer maintenance, etc. You can use it as long as needed.

ssTransport is like the perfect employee who is always available, follows instructions to the letter, always gives his or her best and… is happy with the salary.

And because... we work with more than 200 satisfied customers...


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